Our Story


Every great brand has a story that paved the way for their existence. Better Them is definitely no exception. The drive to start up Better Them started after watching the way Elephants in Asia and Africa are being killed and hunted daily. I remember watching the Tv one day, and I saw the statistics of Elephants that was killed in Africa during the period of 2010 - 2012, it was a whopping 100,000. An innocent 100, 000 of our lovely friends who couldn't defend themselves from the greed of humans. As an Elephant lover, it broke my heart. That day, I decided it was time to reach out to the world for help on how to save our friends in the Africa jungle for all the killings and hunting. That decision birthed Better Them which is an online shop that sells an Elephant related crafted item for Elephant lover in a bid to support our mission of saving Elephants not just in Africa jungles but around the world from all the killings and hunting by greedy individuals.

At Better Them, we sell crafted Elephant styled designed items such as Watches, Clothing with Elephant prints/arts on it, Necklaces, Rings, Elephant branded Skateboards, Elephant styled tea pot & mugs, designed duvet covers, and virtually everything a true Elephant lover should have in his/her possessions. All these items are sold at an affordable price and purchasing these items commit you to the bigger cause of saving and protecting the vulnerable elephants out there.

We believe that with our dedication and your commitment we will be able to save Elephants around the world from extinction and also create a human-friendly environment for all Elephants across the world.



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