Save the elephants

Every year, about 60% of African elephants are dying at the hands of poachers. The numbers continue to rise as more elephants are being killed for their ivory rather than being born. The population of these beautiful creatures continues to plummet. If we want to secure a future for these elephants and make sure they do not go extinct, we must do something. I feel this is something that more people should be informed about and so does Better Them. Better Them is a company focused on bringing quality products to their customers and using their profits to save and protect the elephants of the world. By wearing these items we will be showcasing our support and knowing that we made a difference. 10% of the profits from each product will go as a donation to “Save the Elephants”. This is a way that we can aide in this cause and spread awareness at the same time. These products all feature elephants embroidered or in rhinestones to constantly remind you of the cause you are supporting. This company also sells some very cute watches, necklaces and rings! Some of their other items include clothing, skateboards, tea pots, mugs and even duvet covers! All of these items are elephant branded and come in many different colors that you can chose from. Let’s all get together for a greater cause and save the elephants.


 save the elephants


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